Idiom Marketing Ltd is Born

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Idiom Marketing Ltd is Born

Today - the 21st of August 2019: 'Idiom, A Branch of Young Enterprise' formally became 'Idiom Marketing Ltd.'

Following a period of transition, the company has now began trading as a Limited Company following the success of the Young Enterprise Company Programme.

During the transition process the company undertook a major restructure: with the number of Directors reducing dramatically from 13 to 4.

Lyle Hamilton has been appointed to continue in his capacity as Managing Director; as well as Kira McIver being appointed to continue in her capacity as Financial Director. 

Ruairi McCormack has been appointed Director of Sales, following a stint with the company as a Sales Executive, and laterly the Acting Director of Sales. 

Megan Kerr remains with the company, now leaving her post as Company Secretery to take up the role of Director of Business Development.

Lyle Hamilton

Managing Director

Kira McIver

Director: Finance

Megan Kerr

Director: Business Development

Ruairi McCormack

Director: Sales

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