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About Us

Idiom’s journey started in June 2018, when 8 likeminded individuals came together to form the company, at first there was no capital, structure – or ideas; but from that initial meeting the business has grown from strength to strength.

Initially trading as a Young Enterprise Scotland Company, Idiom quickly grew to become a nationally recognised company - selling in 8 countries within three months of foundation. Following a series of wins as a Young Enterprise Company, the decision was taken by the Board of Directors to begin formally trading as 'Idiom Marketing Ltd' - and the next step in the Idiom Adventure began.

The Idiom Team at the Young Enterprise Scotland Final

An Idiom Initiative Workshop

The Idiom Team at the Young Enterprise Dumfries & Galloway Final

Now nearly two years into the Idiom Adventure, under the leadership of Managing Director, Lyle Hamilton - Idiom have released a second book, 'Ben's Big Adventure' as well as working to support Businesses across Dumfries & Galloway in the Tourism & Hospitality Sector.

In addition to working to promote the Tourism and Hospitality sector in Scotland; Idiom are also proud to facilitate the Idiom Initiative - a learning and teaching programme designed to encourage Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking in the next generation of Business Leaders. Working with Primary and Secondary Schools the Idiom Initiativehas proved to be an invaluable experience to the young people who take part.

Specialising in the Tourism & Hospitality Sector - Idiom work with Tourism and Hospitality businesses who want to attract and target families and visitors to the region: working in tandum with them to provide a tailored service to meet the needs of each business. 

After releasing their first Children's Book 'Bonnie the Beltie' in December 2018 - which highlighted just some of the phenominal attractions Dumfries and Galloway has to offer, in a fun and engaging story: the scope for a merchanside range was born - and the 'Bonnie the Beltie' Merchanise Card Range was launched in January 2019. 

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